If the US flag is designed by the states.

Not bad enough

I’m fed up with US state flags… (well, except New Mexico, their flag is kinda good) Most flags are boring, ugly, and hard to distinguish. So they add their names to the flag, which made them even worse.

So I made an alternative to the flag of the US. I’m not making it any better, however, I’m actually trying to show you how bad most of the state flags are. This is a US flag but imitates the design of the state flags.

Here we go.


I’ve tried to put as many bad designs as I can on this ‘flag’. We have the disgusting blue background, the name of the entity, the founding year (FYI texts are usually the worst things you can put on a flag), the seal (well I put the seal on the original Star-Spangled Banners), and the motto written on an ugly-shaped ribbon that comes out straight from Microsoft Office (literally).

Interesting huh.

Tell me what you think then.

Nov 23, Mbabane, 14℃

Have been busy working on IB and SAT for a whole month… one week left and I will get a break finally… or maybe not?

Hopefully I can get the blog updated after school ends. I’ve been paying WordPress for two months while all I did is just published one single post… I have many drafts standing there, uncompleted, and now I’m desperately trying to work out my English Written Task, Math exploration, Music MLI, Geo IA and the art of not getting overwhelmed by IB… Oh just don’t forget the SAT essay…

Where are my mails?

Realiable delivery? It doesn’t exist.

Domestic and international deliveries are generally reliable in Swaziland but can be slow. – Lonely planet

I fully doubt that. I’ve received 9 postcards and letters this year, which seems to be a lot in this world where physical mail is not even a serious way of communication.

But I should have got more than that.

I’ve sent myself several postcards (9 to be precise) in South Africa, Dubai, and some other places. While I can receive my postcards from places further away like Germany, China, Japan on postcrossing.com in 1 month, the Grahamstown postcards aren’t able to make the 1200 km trip in more than 3 months.

I’m not going to talk about the story about all the 8 postcards that I sent at the post office in Mbabane got vanished and was never able to reach their destinations. That’s too frustrating.

Life has to go on.

Update 28 Sep: a postcard to Finland actually arrived today… after 4 months of travel… the postcard has to be very tired then

Update 28 Jan: the 4 cards from Grahamstown and a card from Dubai, along with an official Postcrossing card from Moscow, have just arrived… some of them have traveled for more than 200 days… I really don’t know why