Where are my mails?

Realiable delivery? It doesn’t exist.

Domestic and international deliveries are generally reliable in Swaziland but can be slow. – Lonely planet

I fully doubt that. I’ve received 9 postcards and letters this year, which seems to be a lot in this world where physical mail is not even a serious way of communication.

But I should have got more than that.

I’ve sent myself several postcards (9 to be precise) in South Africa, Dubai, and some other places. While I can receive my postcards from places further away like Germany, China, Japan on postcrossing.com in 1 month, the Grahamstown postcards aren’t able to make the 1200 km trip in more than 3 months.

I’m not going to talk about the story about all the 8 postcards that I sent at the post office in Mbabane got vanished and was never able to reach their destinations. That’s too frustrating.

Life has to go on.

Update 28 Sep: a postcard to Finland actually arrived today… after 4 months of travel… the postcard has to be very tired then

Update 28 Jan: the 4 cards from Grahamstown and a card from Dubai, along with an official Postcrossing card from Moscow, have just arrived… some of them have traveled for more than 200 days… I really don’t know why