some thoughts

No lives would matter if black lives don’t.

People say oh why do I have to care about the whole BLM thing, I’m not black I’m not white I’m not even American. Sure, you can shamelessly pretend that you live in a world of your own, but you certainly don’t. We are all human and you’re a human too. This world is not divided on the borders of race, ethnicity, and citizenship. We live on this singular planet as a collective; nobody is disconnected from nobody. I wouldn’t be too sad if the entire human society suddenly vanishes someday, but since we still live on today, can we please at least make the world suck less for its members. Injustice doesn’t become just because you are used to it; prevalence doesn’t equal rational. People, as individuals and groups, are undeniably suffering from injustice and negligence, which ultimately is the product of privileged people’s selfishness. Selfishness is an inherent trait of all humans; it’s there and it’s impossible to get rid of. What we should really want is to eliminate the privileges we have given to certain people, not to ask them nicely to stop being selfish.

This is a systematic revolution, not merely a reform.

No reformation would fundamentally change the system that it stands for. We have seen this being proven for too many times, whether it’s in China, Dominican Republic, Iran, Lebanon, Spain, US, or Zimbabwe, whether it’s about democracy, economy, racial disparity, or personal freedom. I’m not advocating for violence; in fact, I believe that violence directed towards individuals is never productive. However, when the problem is the justice system itself, there’s no point to stick to the rules that it laid out. There’s no way to change the system unless we actively repel the system.

I utterly respect and salute all the brave people who take the enormous risk to fight for their and others’ lost rights. You’re the real heroes that advance human society while I’m just someone typing on the internet. Let us remember the people that lost their lives 31 years ago in Beijing and all around China, and the people of Hong Kong who are fighting against the regime to get their stolen freedom back. Let us remember the identities of Tibetans and Uyghurs, the lands of Kurds and Palestinians, and the planet we all share, just to name a few.

*The reason why I am somewhat reluctant to share my thought in this is that I don’t think I am informed or educated enough on this issue to comment on it. But here I am. You don’t have to agree with me on my thoughts and I’m sure a lot of my ideas are premature or biased. However, I hope we can at least agree on that this is an issue needed to be addressed, and silence does not help in this. That’s it.

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